Promising strides toward ending violence against women and girls in the Asia and the Pacific Region: Results from Partners for Prevention pilot interventions in four countries

This report is primarily intended for donors, policy makers, programme managers, and practitioners donors, and will describe the development, implementation, and evaluation of diverse primary prevention interventions to prevent violence against women and girls that have a focus on transforming harmful masculinities and social norms in 4 diverse Asia-Pacific contexts, as well as discuss the main impacts of these interventions. The report will locate the P4P project and learnings within the broader context of the global primary prevention field to highlight the contributions that P4P is making to advance the field globally. The report will draw on outcome reports from each country: • Cambodia – quantitative and qualitative reports • Indonesia – qualitative reports • PNG – quantitative and qualitative reports • Viet Nam – qualitative and quantitative reports Because of the diversity of interventions and monitoring and evaluation M&E strategies across the four countries, the impact discussed will focus on three main themes (and these will be linked to an overarching theory of change): • Gender attitudes, including transforming harmful masculinities • Healthy relationships • Volunteerism These three themes were identified across all interventions and their respective M&E strategies will collect data on these themes in different ways. Additional notable findings from individual projects will be discussed as relevant (e.g., violence attitudes). The report will conclude with recommendations for primary prevention of VAWG programming that transform harmful masculinities and social norms and research based on the multiple data sources (i.e., quantitative and qualitative data from intervention participants, key informants, programme implementers, and technical advisors) drawn on throughout the report.

Date: March 2018
Category: Research


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