Intervention Manual(Caregiver group–Khmer):ៀវំសបអ់ កសបសលអកចិមឹ បចី ់ងវយ័ ជទំ ង់ ង ើ ៀ ម ខ ន ច ៖ ំ ដ ល ់ ង វ យ័ ជ ទ ំ ង ក ់ ង រ អ ភ វ ិ ឌ ន ទ ៍ ក ំ ទ ់ ន ំ ង ក ប យ ស ក ុ ព ន ង ិ ព រ ក យ ៀ វ ំ ស ប

This manual, ‘We Are Ready: Supporting Teenagers’ Development in Healthy and Happy Relationships’, has been designed for facilitators and caregivers and was developed by international and national consultants to prevent violence against women and children in Cambodia. The development of this manual is based on strategic areas of The National Action Plan To Prevent Violence Against Women (2014–2018) and findings of the United Nations Multi-Country Study on Men and Violence in Asia and the Pacific, which included research on Cambodia.

This manual will be used by facilitators of groups of caregivers to promote social norm changes, prevent violence and promote respectful relationships. The aim is to support young girls and boys aged 12-14 years-old to practice gender equality, gain the knowledge and skills to appropriately manage stress and have healthy, non-violent and happy interpersonal relationships, participating in social recreation activities that benefits family and society’s harmonization and themselves.

Date: April 2018
Category: Research


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