www.engagingmen.net connects practitioners around the world working for gender justice

Partners for Prevention recently launched Engagingmen.net, a new practitioners' portal for people around the world who are interested in engaging boys and men in gender justice. As of December 2010, around 600 individuals from around the world have become members of the web based portal. Members come from diverse backgrounds but share common interest in issues including women's empowerment, the prevention of violence against women, stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS, promoting responsible fatherhood and healthy relationships, and more. This interactive site aims to help practitioners develop and expand their knowledge on involving boys and men in supporting women’s empowerment and ending violence against women. The site includes a large online library of resources on gender justice, including toolkits, training manuals and research reports. It also provides special pages and topical groups to help practitioners connect with others in their region or field of interest. Members of the site can upload their news, videos and photos, write blogs and take part in discussion forums. If you have not done so, please join Engagingmen.net. The site is a public resource for anyone – women, men and young people - committed to gender justice and ending violence. This site is managed by Partners for Prevention and supported by individual and community members throughout the world. It is also supported by the MenEngage Alliance, a global network of NGOs and UN agencies that seek to engage boys and men to achieve gender equality. To join, see http://www.engagingmen.net

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