Study programme on GBV and masculinities engages young leaders in South Asia

A group of young NGO activists from South Asia recently took part in an 18-day study programme in Nepal aimed at developing understanding on the political, social and cultural aspects of masculinities in relation to gender justice. The study programme was conducted by the South Asian Network to Address Masculinities (SANAM), with support from Partners for Prevention, and is part of SANAM’s Capacity Development Initiative in South Asia project. The study programme was conducted 1-18 February in Nepal. Thirty people from various backgrounds of work and research on issues related to gender equality and masculinities from four countries in South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan), along with one each from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines (totaling 33) participated in the study programme. Prominent experts from South Asia took part as resource persons. The study programme used a training curriculum developed by SANAM that explores seven sub-themes: Conflict and Violence; Self and Gender; Patriarchy, Masculinities and Sexuality; Globalisation, Development and Masculinities; Customs, Religion and Masculinities; Media and Masculinities; and Institutions and Masculinities. Participants agreed that as the second step of the programme they will develop ideas for individual projects on the national or local level based on the framework developed by the facilitators. A seven-day refresher workshop will also take place in July for the same 33 participants of the study programme that took place in February. The participants will present and defend their national/local projects. The upcoming workshop will also focus on forging a connection between knowledge generation and the practical aspects of developing interventions on working with boys and men in GBV prevention programmes, using the masculinity lens. This will be crucial in shaping and developing context specific tools, skills and confidence that will contribute to further generate interventions regarding GBV at the country level. The participants will work in close coordination with national networks and mentors under the overall supervision of SANAM towards developing and implementing their projects. Materials developed for the study programme are available at . For more information, contact .

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