Introduction to Primary Prevention of Gender-based Violence Workshop: Workshop Presentations

Supported by Partners for Prevention, MRC and WHO, the 'Regional Skills Building Workshop: Introduction to Primary Prevention of Gender-based Violence' took place 2–4 July 2012, in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop aimed for participants to gain an understanding of what primary prevention is, why it is important, and how to design a theory- and evidence-based intervention (click here for more information about the workshop). Following are the workshop presentations: Day 1: Presentations: Overview of Violence and Prevention (Mr. James Lang) Primary Prevention: the State of the Field (Prof. Rachel Jewkes) Five Steps for Prevention Programming (Ms. Stephanie Miedema) Supporting Documents: P4P Primary Prevention Handout Five Steps for Primary Prevention Programming Day 2: Presentations: Overview of Terms and Data Sources (Dr. Claudia Garcia Moreno Esteva) WHO Multi-Country Study on VAW (Dr. Claudia Garcia Moreno Esteva) P4P’s Research Findings from Asia and the Pacific (Dr. Emma Fulu) Forthcoming Action Framework to Prevent GBV (Ms. Mego Lien) The Evidence of Effective Primary Prevention Interventions (Dr. Claudia Garcia Moreno Esteva) Day 3: Presentations: Applying Theories of Change (Prof. Rachel Jewkes) Measuring Change: M&E for Prevention Interventions (Prof. Rachel Jewkes) Supporting Documents: Social Cognitive Theory: An Agentic Perspective by Albert Bandura

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