How to replicate the UN Multi-country Study on Men and Violence

The Toolkit for Replicating the UN Multi-country Study on Men and Violence: Understanding Why Some Men Use Violence against Women and How We Can Prevent It provides step-by-step guidance to practitioners, researchers and activists on how to conduct rigorous research on men’s perpetration of violence against women. The toolkit is a consolidation of the methodology, learning and resources developed for the implementation of the original UN Multi-country Study on Men and Violence, conducted by Partners for Prevention between 2010-2013 in seven countries across Asia and the Pacific.  For more information on the findings of the UN Multi-country Study, click here.

The toolkit includes the following methodological approaches:

   Quantitative population-based representative household survey with men

   Qualitative life history interviews with men who use violence and those who do not

   Sociological and ethnographic gender politics of policy research

The toolkit includes all the tools you need to conduct rigorous and ethical research with men on violence against women to inform violence prevention efforts. It also includes a Step-by-Step Guide that clearly explains how to replicate this methodology in a simple three-phase process.  For every step in each phase, the toolkit explains the importance of that step and, where relevant, directs the reader to the corresponding tool. Learn more in the Introductory Booklet

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