The quantitative study, "Men's Attitudes and Practices Regarding Gender and Violence Against Women in Bangladesh" was conducted by icddr,b, with UNFPA and Partners for Prevention in 2011. It is the first study ever conducted in Bangladesh that targets understanding men’s attitudes and practices regarding gender and violence against women. The survey found that men who have negative attitudes towards women are more likely to use violence, affecting not only the women who experience abuse, but also children, families and the community at large. The research also found that men who have been abused as a child are at least two times more likely to use violence against women later on in life, among other findings.

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The qualitative life history study in Bangladesh was conducted from 2012 to 2013 by the Asian Institute of Technology, with support from UNFPA Bangladesh and Partners for Prevention. The working paper explores the trajectories and pathways of men's lives, how gender norms are constructed and enacted, and how these relate to men's experience and perpetration of violence.

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