Capacity Development

Gender-based violence prevention is a growing field, and more actors across Asia and the Pacific are interested in building their skills and knowledge in this area. In Phase 1 P4P worked to strengthen the abilities of practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers to better understand the underlying causes of violence, and to use this knowledge to design and implement evidence- and theory-based programmes and policies to prevent gender-based violence. 

As part of P4P's learning approach, the programme sought to build synergies between global and local knowledge on violence prevention by facilitating regional cooperation and collaborations. In Asia and the Pacific, P4P supported two sub-regional consortia of practitioners and activists, the South Asian Network to Address Masculinities (SANAM) in South Asia, and the Regional Learning Community (RLC) East & Southeast Asia. These consortia were formed to promote critical thinking and engagement around masculinities and gender-based violence. In addition, P4P supported volunteerism as an important element of comprehensive capacity development, and worked with national partners to promote volunteerism in the prevention of gender-based violence. 

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